Plumbing & Pumps

Your Aquaponics System will require a proper plumbing design to facillitate the type of system layout you choose. It will also need a pump with enough horsepower to push the water through the lines.

One of the better Aquaponics System Methods is the split flow design. This system employs a Sump tank thats placed down in the ground with the top being as close to the ground level as possible. This will allow the other components of the fish tank and plant production elements to gravity-drain back down to the sump tank area. 

There are a variety of containers that can be used for a sump tank such as IBC's, which are Intermediate Bulkhead Containers in a cage (see Below).

aquaponics IBC tank

Remove the bars on top and pull the container out. Then cut the cage frame and plastic container to facillitate 2 pieces roughly 1/3 and 2/3. Turn them over and put into the same-sized cages (see below). 

Split and Flow Aquaponics System

Now you will have what you need for a Grow bed for the plants, and a water tank for the fish. They can be structured one on top of the other, or with the fish tank separate and connected to several grow bed containers.

With a buried sump tank is there will usually be an inline pump next to it that pulls water from the bottom of the sump tank.

aquaponic Pump
This splits the flow and sends some of that water to the plants and some to the fish tank. A single pump is able to take care of the entire system.
Everything then drains back to the sump tank. This means it all mixes up and on the 2nd go round, after turning over the entire system volume twice an hour, at the end of the hour 75% of the water has been sent to the plants and 75% to the fish.

This ensures that the vast majority of the water is being filtered and cleaned by the plants and the pure water is getting back to the fish.

Some other systems push the water sequencially through the fish tank and then the growbed of plants.  Most of the flow is dependant on gravity. This can work for small systems to a point, but we feel that using a pump is much more relible for the health of the plants and fish. 

Using a pumped system also gives you the flexibility of increased pressures when  faster flows are needed which ultimately helps in blowing out the pipes for cleaning.



  • Sump Pump or Foundation Drain Install
  • Sump Pump Repair