Aquaponics Irrigation

Lets go over the fundamentals of a good Aquaponics Irrigation System.

Your irrigation to the plants and fish are similar to your own circulatory system. It is crucial that they be in good health and properly balanced.

You can use timers to segment the flow of water when needed or even leaving on all day if necessary. *Keep in mind that pumps will not last long if they consistantly have hard starts and stops, especially the bigger pumps.

You can use bell syphons or solenoids to relegate where the water is going.

Set you irrigation up in such a way that all the individual plants are getting equal amounts of water by keeping the pressure balanced properly.
You can also keep the pressure balance across the system by using regulated fittings and Valves at appropriate points along the flow of water.

Aquaponics Irrigation PVC Pipes

Typically water is pumped to the fish through PVC pipes, then water through PVC or Poly tubing to the plants.

Aquaponics irrigation poly tubing

Generally 1 inch mains work best with 1/2 inch risers connected to the mains. Keep the pies in place using clamps and pipe collars.

Remember that larger pipes will mean a pump that pushes more pressure. For typical home brewed aquaponics systems you won't need more then a 1 horsepower pump and more often then not, a 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower pump is more than enough.

Another tip* Black poly tubing pipes will heat up in the sun so you can kill any bacteria that's in the water. Just stop the flow of a zone and leave it for a half an hour and you will have sterilized that portion of the system. Don't over do it though as the tubing will soften with too much heat and become ineffective.

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